Monday, 3 June 2019

Coats, jackets & beanies needed!

Calling all coats

Imagine you live high in the rugged mountains of East Timor and instead of being hot, its actually bleedingly cold and for many months of the year, extremely wet - and you are clad in thongs and a t-shirt or cotton blouse. The Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters (women not nuns) have been supporting women in East Timor for many years now. Bush Lemons has joined the effort too that has resulted in construction of a primary school, development of a secondary school, assisting women to build small economic enterprises, literacy, preschools, scholarships for girls to attend university and more. Some BL members are going to Timor in mid July and we are appealing for donations of second hand jackets. raincoats and beanies to take over. BL has gathered gear like this before to send and it was welcomed with massive excitement. If you have quality, smaller rather than larger gear that you no longer need, please donate it to East Timor. Let Jude Finch know on 0474 749343 or leave it with Joc when you come up to walk, Needed by 10 July.  Thanks / obrigada barak. Jude

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