Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Start to Feel Less Stressed

Thank you, Gill for giving us an insight into mediation and dispute resolution. Listening to Gill explain how the mediation process works - it really is logical, however, people in the stressful situation of separating or conflict do not always act in a logical manner. This is where the role of an impartial, unbiased mediator can diffuse the emotion and allow each of the parties to be given an equal voice in a confidential, safe environment and begin the process of communicating with the intent to empower them to agree on a positive solution that works for them without the expense and added stress of courts and solicitors fees. 
A very important point that came through is that talking to a mediator as a FIRST point of call can save a lot of heartache and expense. A mediator is not going to give you legal advice, their role is to help you come up with a palatable solution to your situation. This can then be documented and registered with the courts as needed. In all situations that involve children, mediation is now mandatory, however, this often happens as a last step rather than the first step, sometimes after people have already spent thousands of dollars on court fees. 
We were also fortunate to have Nadia Messiha from Hills Family Lawyers come all the way from Castle Hill to answer our legal questions. 
If you have any questions, want more information or just want an initial chat about your situation or know someone who could benefit from mediation, contact Gill at Logical Mediation or her Facebook page at