Thursday, 24 August 2017

3 Ways with Quinoa - 16 May 2017

Speedy Sue treated us to entree, main and dessert and made them all before our eyes within an hour. We started with stuffed mushrooms, that not only tasted amazing, also looked fantastic. The wonderful scents of sesame and coriander filled the room and our tastebuds were treated to a wonderful honey-ginger dressing on the Edamame Beans with Baby Boy Choy Quinoa. While we were eating this delectable delight, the 'healthy' quinoa brownies were cooling. We enjoyed a relaxed cup of tea with our brownies to finish off our 3 Ways with Quinoa. 
Sue told us where we could find the recipes and ingredients. Many are available in the supermarket and the Katoomba Co-op. One of the recipe books is available at the co-op, the other two can be bought online. Sue also explained the difference between the white and red quinoa and spoke about gluten intolerance.
Quinoa is certainly a very versatile food and tastes just as delicious in a savoury dish as it does in a sweet dessert.
Thank you, Sue for doing such a wonderful job preparing and cooking these tasty treats for us and introducing us to quinoa and tasty vegetarian cooking.

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