Thursday, 22 September 2016

Social Media for Business 101

Debra Wylde gave us an inspirational, interactive and informative presentation. 

Some of the things we learnt:   
  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all very powerful tools for promoting business. 
  • Taking the time to really determine your niche market is very important.
  • Target your market by being very specific with your description. 
  • $12 can go a long way in promoting your business on Facebook 
  • Facebook own the content of anything you post on it, so having your own website with a link to Facebook is the way to go. 
  • The vatican will be in a flurry with so many lesbian popes in it (you had to be there to understand that one).
Due to overwhelming interest at the LGT night, Debra is holding a 2 day weekend workshop on 15th and 16th October - "Harness the Power of Social Media in Your Business".  For further details please contact Debra at

Thank you for sharing your talent, Debra.

Landscape Photography

Thank you to the very talented Sue Lightfoot for the third in her fabulous photographic series.  
Sue has a knack for teaching the complexities in a easy to understand and remember way. 

In landscape photography we landscape photography is all about space within the world.  The scene cannot be set up, we are dealing with fixed constraints that are static.  

To get interesting images you need to work with the light and know where to stand to get a great perspective rather than just a postcard image.  

Exaggerating the foreground that add depth and interest.

Due to popular demand, Sue has generously offered to do some additional photography session for us.  We may be able to squeeze in an LGT session on Portrait Photography before the year is out, so keep an eye out for details over the next couple of weeks.

Sue explains more creative
ways to shoot Landscapes