Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Macro Photography

We had another great night at Lesbians Got Talent with Sue Lightfood teaching us the finer points of macro photography. This was a very hands on session where we were getting up close to our subjects and revealing the tiny details. 

DOF, DOF, DOF is not a boy scout motto, it is actually depth of field and a very important consideration when taking macro shots.  It is controlled by the Aperture setting on the camera.  A large hole in the lens (F5.6) lets in more light and a shallower depth of field.  A small hole in the lens (F22) only lets in a little bit of light.  

We were let into lots of secrets to allow us to enhance our macro shots. Who would have thought to take a pot splatter shield covered in aluminium foil, a cake board, clothes pegs and a torch into the bush when taking macro photos?  

The best times to take macro shots are early in the morning and evening when the light is softer.  Overcast days are excellent for taking macro shots.  

We also learnt that tripods are our friend and greatly help with achieving a sharp shot when capturing the miniature world.  I for one will have to start saying nice things to my tripod rather my usual conversations with it!

Thank you Sue for a great session. 


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