Thursday, 7 July 2016

We had a fabulous introduction to theatre improvisation thanks to the wonderful Prue who travelled 2 hours on the train from Sydney and 2 hours back to share her talent with us. 
We had a lot of fun and laughter, as can by seen by the blurry photos - it is difficult to take a sharp photo when you are laughing. 
Prue guided us through various games and we discovered there is a little actor in all of us. 
We told stories of a walking mermaid, a sand and jellybean eating tyrannosaurus, a smoochy cat, to name a few. Some skits were told in various accents, others in gobbledegook with subtitles supplied by interpreters. 
Prue explained how some of the techniques can be incorporated into everyday life to enhance relationships.
Thank you Prue, you courageous, cliff jumping woman.

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