Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Thank you to Bianca who took us on her 7 year journey creating a beautiful tarot deck that features many wonderful and familiar locations in the Blue Mountains (and some local blue mountains folk). Bianca's interest in the tarot was piqued at the early age of 4 when she saw her first tarot deck and was enthralled by it. Her interest never waned and she has been reading the tarot for over 12 years. 
We had a lovely time picking cards and creating stories that evolved with each card selected from the deck. It was fascinating to see how some of us picked 2 similar cards from a deck of 78 unique cards. 
Everyone was so enthralled looking through the images and asking how and where they were taken that we had tea and biscuits (and a lovely slice made by Kaye) in the common room. 
If you missed out on tonight's introduction to tarot and want to learn more, Bianca and Jane Meredith are running two half day workshop this Saturday. Details are on the flyer below or you can get to see some of Bianca's beautiful photography when it is exhibited at at Gallery One88 from 23 to 28 August, with the official opening on 26th August.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

We had a fabulous introduction to theatre improvisation thanks to the wonderful Prue who travelled 2 hours on the train from Sydney and 2 hours back to share her talent with us. 
We had a lot of fun and laughter, as can by seen by the blurry photos - it is difficult to take a sharp photo when you are laughing. 
Prue guided us through various games and we discovered there is a little actor in all of us. 
We told stories of a walking mermaid, a sand and jellybean eating tyrannosaurus, a smoochy cat, to name a few. Some skits were told in various accents, others in gobbledegook with subtitles supplied by interpreters. 
Prue explained how some of the techniques can be incorporated into everyday life to enhance relationships.
Thank you Prue, you courageous, cliff jumping woman.