Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Introduction to Dog Training

You can teach an old dog new tricks! Julie gave us a fantastic interactive demonstration on how easy it is to communicate our expectations with our dogs by rewarding positive behaviour with the use of a clicker and treats. 
We practised on each other with the clickers and learnt almost as quickly as our canine demonstrators, Scrumpy and Thea, who were both model students. You could almost see their minds working out what Julie wanted them to do in order to get their click and treat. Those of us who like jellybeans were also eager to please our trainers - sticking tongues out, putting hands on hips, touching our nose or the back of the chair, etc., all done without words. It was a fun and informative night. 
For those of you who missed out on tonight’s brilliant and enlightening demonstration, and would like help with your canine family, Julie’s business website is:

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