Wednesday, 6 April 2016

5/4 LGT - Learn to Crochet

9 of us were lead by Pamela through the basics of crochet. We all picked up our wool, made the first slip knot and completed our 6 slip stitches together - from there there were those who flew along and were born naturals and those of us who became let's say a little more "creative" with our crochet.
Our aim was to create a square using slip stitch and treble stitch. Pamela has the patience of a saint as she was pulled from one to the other seeking her help. Sometimes we were beyond help and she needed to have a total reconstruction. There was group work, notes taken and regular sharing but above all there was constant chatter and loads of laughter. We all enjoyed the night and I am determined to master it. Pamela was a good humored, patient teacher .We definitely will have another crochet 101 so if you missed out this time you will get another go at it.

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  1. Great photos, Anne. I am determined to get you and Jocelyn crocheting a scarf or blanket for Thea, so will give you private tuition whenever you want to have another go.