Sunday, 20 March 2016

LGT - Hand Building with Clay

It was a big turn out for the hand building with clay session of LGT.  Some women were kitted out to really get down and get dirty adorned in full-length aprons. 

Nettie has been immersed in pottery for decades and loves experimenting with various modes of firing  - from open flame, wood firing to electric firing.  Nettie and her partner, Andrea, have set up a studio in their house for the sole purpose of creating art.  How wonderful!

Nettie brought along some beautiful examples to inspire us before we began our own creations, using this gloriously tactile clay.  We created chickens, leaves, bells, pots, miniature and large vessels all in the space of 90 minutes. 

There was a beautiful energy in the room as everyone sketched and then created something that made them happy. 

Nettie advised us all to remain happily detached from our creations as often mishaps occur in the kiln.  So we all enjoyed being in the moment, getting in touch with our inner children and playing and creating with the clay. 

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