Thursday, 4 February 2016

LGT - Sheds, straw bale extensions and chicken houses

2/2/16 Jill needs a project and when you walk into her garden you can see a few!
We started with her fantastic chicken house, which offers her 4 chickens five star accommodation. It is beautifully designed - 3 yards which are rotated so her chickens always have something green to eat, a shed which is weatherproof, an under cover out door area in case of rain and a very practical, easily accessible nesting boxes for egg collection. Chickens have super watering and feeding systems that allow them to be left happily for a few days on their own. And most importantly she has made sure that her chickens can sleep well at night with a very strong fully enclosed fox proof yard.
Rotating the pens means always something green for chickens to eat

Easy accessible nesting boxes from outside the yard

 Fully enclosed enclosed fox proof yard.
We then moved on to Jills's sheds. The first is a 10 square metre studio which was built about 14 years ago. The walls have been insulated with straw so that in winter it does not require much heating. At the time of building this was the size of building that didn't require council approval. Jill thinks it may now be 20sq m but you would need to check with council.

Next was a "tool shed in progress". Jill builds using recycled materials wherever possible. The 4x2 hardwood poles cost $2.50/m from Lawson recylce place. Hardwood is far more resistant to white ants.The holes are 600mm deep and secured with rammed earth. Jill predrills all nail holes.
We then had a practice: getting posts plumb (straight) using 2 levels; using a chalk line and ; marking level heights using a water hose (Leta is taller than Jill). All fun and useful skills.

Last we looked at the straw bale renno - beautiful soft and warm lines, well insulated but a hell of a lot of work! Concrete floor, wooden structure, strawbale walls covered in clay and then sealed with lime and casein finish. All gorgeous!

 Even Jill's drying rack over the fire was inspirational!
Not a bad place to wash up
Thank you Jill and Sarah for sharing your home with us- truely inspirational and again proving the lesbians can do anything!

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  1. That is certainly impressive. Love the columns in the kitchen.