Tuesday, 16 February 2016

LGT 16 Feb Intro to Trail Running – Sue

Sue got into trail running from bushwalking. She says it is like bushwalking at night as you always have to be looking at the trail
Finds it is slower and gentler on the body than road running.

Most essential piece of equipment is a good pair of trail runner shoes. They are very light, good non slip soles. Some brands are: Hoka, La Sprortiva, Inov8. If start doing a lot of running won’t last much longer than 6 months.
Other pieces of equipment you may need/choose: toe socks – Injinji (sp?), running vest (instead of a pack), PLB (personal locator beacon) if running on own in remote area.

Rarely run up hills – walk up hills
Running in rain is great

Where to start?
There are many aps for your phone that will get you started. Sue started with Run Keeper and others include Strava (specific for trail runners), Couch to 5km – very basic for beginners.
Sue joined Blue Mountains Fitness Runners and they have trainers to help (so a fee)
She went from a fitbit to a Garman watch and likes to keep track of all those numbers on the computer.

Also lots of organisations do trail running in Blue Mountains. Runs start and then continue until the last person finishes. They are “great social occasions”
-          Parkrun all over the world – register online, free, 8am Saturday, Lawson, dog can join in.
-          Running Wild NSW – event every month ($30 an event)
-          Ultra trail Austalia (old northface) 22, 50, 100km
-          Blue Mountains Marathon Clinic (google it). Different places through mountains
Events will have mandatory list like thermals, emergency blanket

-          Great for mental health
-          Good cardio vascular fitness
-          Short time to commit (in 2hrs get big work out)
-          Great way to loose weight

-          In the beginning start by running just down hill, walk flat and uphill; then start to run the flat too,  slowly build up until you can run the whole way .
-          Run upright
-          Not long strides
-          Down hill - on tiptoes and lean forward slightly small quick steps, relaxed top of body
-          Up hill - lean into hill, small steps
-          Shorter strides than walking – less injury
-          Mix it up - Fartlec Interval training (google it) once a week.
-          Maintain a “can do attitude”
-          If tops of legs get sore strengthen the core – leg raises, plank (from knees if can’t do plank)
Sue doing full plank                                                    half plankers

Leg raisers - lots of effort!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

LGT - Sheds, straw bale extensions and chicken houses

2/2/16 Jill needs a project and when you walk into her garden you can see a few!
We started with her fantastic chicken house, which offers her 4 chickens five star accommodation. It is beautifully designed - 3 yards which are rotated so her chickens always have something green to eat, a shed which is weatherproof, an under cover out door area in case of rain and a very practical, easily accessible nesting boxes for egg collection. Chickens have super watering and feeding systems that allow them to be left happily for a few days on their own. And most importantly she has made sure that her chickens can sleep well at night with a very strong fully enclosed fox proof yard.
Rotating the pens means always something green for chickens to eat

Easy accessible nesting boxes from outside the yard

 Fully enclosed enclosed fox proof yard.
We then moved on to Jills's sheds. The first is a 10 square metre studio which was built about 14 years ago. The walls have been insulated with straw so that in winter it does not require much heating. At the time of building this was the size of building that didn't require council approval. Jill thinks it may now be 20sq m but you would need to check with council.

Next was a "tool shed in progress". Jill builds using recycled materials wherever possible. The 4x2 hardwood poles cost $2.50/m from Lawson recylce place. Hardwood is far more resistant to white ants.The holes are 600mm deep and secured with rammed earth. Jill predrills all nail holes.
We then had a practice: getting posts plumb (straight) using 2 levels; using a chalk line and ; marking level heights using a water hose (Leta is taller than Jill). All fun and useful skills.

Last we looked at the straw bale renno - beautiful soft and warm lines, well insulated but a hell of a lot of work! Concrete floor, wooden structure, strawbale walls covered in clay and then sealed with lime and casein finish. All gorgeous!

 Even Jill's drying rack over the fire was inspirational!
Not a bad place to wash up
Thank you Jill and Sarah for sharing your home with us- truely inspirational and again proving the lesbians can do anything!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Friday drinks 5 Feb

Grand View Hotel at Wentworth Falls, from 6.30pm.
The Grandview is the big pink hotel on the highway, on the opposite side of the highway to the shops and near the traffic lights that lead to the village centre. For those interested, the Grand View has a decent bistro and we can have dinner there as well. This is always a social evening, with lots of things to talk about and a warm and welcoming bunch of women. Don’t worry if you don’t drink alcohol – we’re not a bunch of boozers, just people who enjoy a night out with good company. Last time we met at the Grandview, 20+ women turned up and the bistro got a little overwhelmed. So, if you’d like to join us for dinner, please RSVP via text to 0414 252 192, or email to sharroncarter@mac.com . No need to RSVP if you’re only coming for drinks.