Tuesday, 19 January 2016

LGT - Chooks, garden and fire trailer

19/1/16 Leta did our first ever LGT on "keeping chickens" so it was only right that we start off 2016 at her place talking about chooks, her garden and the community fire trailer.

We started at the trailer and Leta explained that it is a great community builder - a way to get to know your neighbours. Need at least 4 people to start and 6 to get a trailer. After the initial training the group trains for 2hrs one Saturday each month. Training is hands on so that if a fire does happen everyone knows exactly what to do. We could see evidence of a recent fire (5 weeks ago) that they assisted in putting out.
Leta showing where the fire was

Today most had come to talk chooks so we headed into her wonderful relaxed and quiet garden to the chook house. Leta talked about the need to keep new chickens apart as the drive to be at the top of the pecking order can be a bit vicious. She showed us her feed and water units and explained that she puts them away each night to stop rats and mice (even though she has a very friendly 1.8m diamond python that helps tidy them up). 

Enjoying some time out!
We got to ask all of our questions about building sheds (need to be VERY fox proof - with roof), letting them out (due to foxes Leta only lets hers out when she is in the garden), diseases (by the time you see that a chicken is ill it is probably very ill and may die quickly), how long they live (4 to 8 years old depending on the breed. In general you can say: the more eggs they lay, the shorter the life. Of course there are the exceptional old chooks 10 or 11 years old).

Then we had a wander around her enclosed (from the scratching chickens) veggie garden. The beds were originally layered with straw, manure, compost, straw, manure, compost, mulch. The central feature is a gorgeous little pond that has small fish Golden Medaka, (from the South Asia rice fields) to eat the mozzie larvae. She had a very healthy looking corn crop and a fantastic Stevia plant that has sugar like leaves.
We then retired to her verandar to do what we all do best - drink tea, chat and snack. Thank you Leta for a wonderful evening.

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